Limestone and limesand resources of Western Australia

Limestone and limesand resources of Western Australia

Author: Abeysinghe, PB

Series Number: 18

Publication date: 19 June 1998

Format: PDF online (free)

Type: Mineral Resources Bulletin 18

Pages: 140

Product details

  • Tectonic Unit
    Western Australia

  • Maps
    Western Australia(250K)

  • Geological ages
    Phanerozoic, Precambrian

  • Keywords and localities
    industrial minerals, aggregates, industrial mineral resources, mineral occurrence, limestone, limesand, calcareous sands, lime, lime industry, economic geology, mineral economics, mineral exploration, mineral processing, mining, Western Australia

  • Broad Terms
    Economic geology, Mineral deposits, Mineral occurrence, Mineralogy

  • Commodities
    Building stone, Construction materials, Industrial minerals, Limesand, Limestone

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