Industrial minerals in Western Australia May 2008

Industrial minerals in Western Australia May 2008

Author: Fetherston, JM

Series Number: 1, Record 2008/16

Publication date: 23 October 2008

Format: Map

Type: Plate 1, Record 2008/16

Scale: Not specified




Product details

  • Plate 1 in Industrial minerals in Western Australia: the situation in 2008, Geological Survey of Western Australia, Record 2008/16

  • Tectonic Unit
    Western Australia

  • Maps
    Western Australia(250K)

  • Geological ages
    Archean, Cenozoic, Phanerozoic, Proterozoic

  • Broad Terms
    Economic geology, Mineral deposits, Mineral occurrence, Mining

  • Commodities
    Agate, Amethyst, Bauxite, Chalcedony, Chert, Chrysoprase, Diamond, Dimension stone, Feldspar, Fluorite, Gypsum, Heavy mineral sands, Jasper, Kaolin; Kaolinite, Limesand, Limestone, Magnesite, Manganese, Palladium, Phosphate; Phosphate rock, Quartz (crystal), Rare earth elements, Salt, Silica sand, Spodumene, Talc, Tantalum, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Vanadium, Variscite

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