Geology of the Merewether 1:100 000 sheet

Geology of the Merewether 1:100 000 sheet

Author: Ferdinando, DD

Publication date: 12 April 2002

Format: PDF online (free)

Type: 1:100 000 Explanatory Notes

Year: 2002

Pages: 24

Product details

  • Tectonic Units
    Earaheedy Basin, Southern Cross Granite-Greenstone Terrane, Yerrida Basin, Yilgarn Craton

  • Maps

  • Geological ages
    Archean, Cenozoic, Proterozoic

  • Keywords
    Archaean, Joyners Find greenstone belt, Proterozoic, Yerrida Group, Juderina Formation, Earaheedy Group, Yelma Formation, Magellan prospect, lead, gold, Joyners Find mine

  • Broad Terms
    Bibliographies, Economic geology, Geological mapping, Geomorphology, Igneous petrology, Magnetic surveys, Metamorphic petrology, Mineral deposits, Mineral exploration, Mineralization, Mining, Paleontology, Petrology, Regional geology, Regolith, Sedimentary geology, Sedimentary petrology, Stratigraphy, Tectonics

  • Commodities
    Base metals, Gold, Lead

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