Geology of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Geology of the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia

Author: Hocking, RMMoors, HTVan De Graaff, WJE

Series Number: 133

Publication date: 01 January 1987

Format: PDF online (free)

Type: Bulletin 133

Pages: 289


Product details

  • Tectonic Unit

  • Maps

  • Geological ages
    Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic

  • Keywords and localities
    Geology, Carnarvon Basin

  • Broad Terms
    Economic geology, Ground water, Mineral exploration, Petroleum exploration, Sedimentary geology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology

  • Commodities
    Barite, Bentonite, Clay, Copper, Diamond, Fullers earth, Garnet, Gypsum, Heavy mineral sands, Industrial minerals, Lead, Limestone, Phosphate; Phosphate rock, Silver, Uranium, Water resources, Zinc

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