Far East Yilgarn Geological Exploration Package

Far East Yilgarn Geological Exploration Package

Author: Geological Survey of Western Australia

Publication date: 30 June 2021

Format: USB flash drive

Type: Non-series data package



Product details

  • Tectonic Unit

  • Geological ages
    Archean, Mesoproterozoic, Mesozoic, Neoarchean, Paleoarchean, Paleoproterozoic, Paleozoic, Proterozoic

  • Keywords and localities
    Earthquakes, geochemistry, geochronology, geomorphology, geophysical interpretation, isotope geology, magnetic surveys, mineral deposits, mineral occurrence, mineralization, mining, petroleum, radioactive surveys, regolith, seismic surveys, tectonics

  • Broad Terms
    Earthquakes, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Geomorphology, Geophysical interpretation, Magnetic surveys, Mineral deposits, Mineral occurrence, Mineralization, Mining, Petroleum, Radioactivity surveys, Regolith, Seismic surveys, Tectonics

  • Commodities
    Anhydrite, Calcite, Chert, Chlorite, Diamond, Dolomite, Gold, Gypsum, Hematite, Jasper, Magnetite, Quartz (crystal), Salt