Barnicarndy 1 Digital Core Atlas

Barnicarndy 1 Digital Core Atlas

Author: Collins, LMNormore, LSSymonds, A

Publication date: 15 January 2024

Format: Download data (free)

Type: Non-series data package

Year: 2024

Product details

  • To access

    The flipbook will be available to download from the DEMIRS website around the middle of February 2024.

    Because the product is so large, it has been divided into zip files of the individual sections and is available directly from the WAPIMS database. Once there, go to ‘Barnicarndy 1; Interactive/Searchable Digital Core Atlas’ and you will be able to download the files.

  • Tectonic Units
    Canning Basin

  • Maps

  • Geological ages
    Carboniferous, Neoproterozoic, Ordovician, Paleozoic, Permian

  • Keywords
    Core Atlas, Barnicarndy 1

  • Broad Terms
    Data management, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Regional geology