A Paleozoic perspective of Western Australia

A Paleozoic perspective of Western Australia

Author: Mory, AJ

Publication date: 25 January 2017

Format: Book

Type: Non-series book

Year: 2017

Pages: 58



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  • Paleozoic strata are preserved across about 30% of onshore Western Australia in both the coastal and interior basins. These sedimentary successions are largely unmetamorphosed and little deformed as igneous rocks are minimal and orogenic events were subdued.


    Arthur Mory has used a series of statewide paleogeographic reconstructions paired with isopach images to detail the Paleozoic depositional and structural history of the onshore sedimentary basins — the time slices are based on regional correlations underpinned by biostratigraphical and paleontological studies. He recognizes four main phases of basin evolution commencing in the Cambrian and continuing through to the latest Permo- Carboniferous when the Gondwanan glaciation affected much of Western Australia. Exhumed Devonian carbonate reefs in the Canning and Southern Bonaparte Basins are deemed equivalent to Australia’s renowned present-day Great Barrier Reef.


    A Paleozoic perspective of Western Australia is the third volume to be published under the banner of ‘Western Australia unearthed’, a series that will progressively chronicle the geological evolution of Western Australia.

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    Geophysical interpretation, Geothermal energy, Gravity surveys, Magnetic surveys, Mineral deposits, Mineralization, Paleontology, Petroleum, Regional geology, Sedimentary geology, Seismic surveys, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Tectonics

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    Anhydrite, Barite, Base metals, Coal, Copper, Lead, Oil, Salt, Silver, Uranium, Zinc

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