Windimurra, 2015

Windimurra, 2015

Author: Geological Survey of Western Australia

Publication date: 08 December 2015

Format: USB flash drive

Type: Non-series data package

Scale: Various

Download: Data Centre



Product details

  • Keywords and localities
    3D, 3D geology, Three dimensional, Three-dimensional, EIS, Exploration Incentive Scheme, layered intrusions, Archean, magma chamber, magmatic deposits, Youanmi Terrane

  • Broadterms
    Geophysical interpretation, Igneous petrology, Mineral occurrence, Mineralization, Regional geology, Seismic surveys, Structural geology, Tectonics

  • Geoprovinces
    Murchison Domain, Yilgarn Craton, Youanmi Terrane

  • Commodities
    Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Platinum Group Elements; Platinum Group Metals, Titanium, Vanadium

  • Geological ages

  • Maps