Geology of the Wongawol 1:100 000 sheet

Geology of the Wongawol 1:100 000 sheet

Author: Jones, JA

Publication date: 15 June 2004

Format: PDF online (free)

Type: 1:100 000 Explanatory Notes

Pages: 28

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  • Keywords and localities
    Archaean, Palaeoproterozoic, Permian, Yilgarn Craton, Mount Eureka, greenstone, Earaheedy Basin, Capricorn Orogeny, Paterson Formation

  • Broadterms
    Economic geology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, Geological mapping, Geomorphology, Mineral exploration, Mining, Regional geology, Rock geochemistry, Sedimentary geology, Sedimentary petrology, Stratigraphy, Tectonics

  • Geoprovinces
    Capricorn Orogen, Earaheedy Basin, Eastern Goldfields Granite-Greenstone Terrane, Gunbarrel Basin, Yilgarn Craton

  • Commodities
    Gold, Iron, Manganese, Water resources

  • Geological ages
    Archean, Cenozoic, Paleoproterozoic, Permian

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