Geology of the Savory Basin, Western Australia

Geology of the Savory Basin, Western Australia

Author: Williams, IR

Publication date: 01 December 1992

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Type: Bulletin 141

Pages: 115

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  • Keywords and localities
    Proterozoic, 900 - 600 Ma, sedimentary basin, stratigraphy, lithological unit, sedimentary structure, provenance, palaeocurrents, glacial sediments, structural geology, evaporite minerals, Savory Basin, Western Australia

  • Broadterms
    Mineral occurrence, Paleontology, Regional geology, Sedimentary geology, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Tectonics

  • Geoprovinces

  • Geological ages
    Cenozoic, Neoproterozoic, Permian, Proterozoic

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