Geology of the Lamil 1:100 000 sheet

Geology of the Lamil 1:100 000 sheet

Author: Bagas, L

Publication date: 30 March 2005

Format: PDF online (free)

Type: 1:100 000 Explanatory Notes

Pages: 22

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  • Keywords and localities
    Paterson Orogen, Neoproterozoic, Tarcunyah Group, Throssell Range Group, Lamil Group, geological structures, mineralization

  • Broadterms
    Economic geology, Geochronology, Geological mapping, Hydrogeology, Mineral deposits, Mineral exploration, Mineral occurrence, Mineralization, Petroleum exploration, Regional geology, Regolith, Stratigraphy, Structural geology, Tectonics

  • Geoprovinces
    Canning Basin, Officer Basin, Paterson Orogen, Yeneena Basin

  • Commodities
    Construction materials, Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver, Water resources, Zinc

  • Geological ages
    Carboniferous, Cenozoic, Permian, Proterozoic, Quaternary

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