East Albany-Fraser Orogen, 2016

East Albany-Fraser Orogen, 2016

Author: Geological Survey of Western Australia

Publication date: 30 June 2016

Format: USB flash drive

Type: Non-series data package

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  • Keywords and localities
    EIS, Exploration Incentive Scheme

  • Broadterms
    Economic geology, Geochronology, Geological mapping, Geophysical interpretation, Geophysical logs, Land use planning, Magnetic surveys, Mineral deposits, Mineral exploration, Mineral occurrence, Mineralization, Mining, Radioactivity surveys, Regional geology, Regolith, Rock geochemistry, Seismic surveys, Tectonics

  • Geoprovinces
    Albany-Fraser Orogen, Yilgarn Craton

  • Commodities
    Base metals, Construction materials, Industrial minerals, Iron

  • Geological ages
    Archean, Cambrian, Carboniferous, Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Neoarchean, Neoproterozoic, Paleoproterozoic, Permian, Proterozoic

  • Maps